"Duck" - WyoWires What The Duck NA1

Duck is a young 13 month-old male who has a ton of drive, but also a great desire to train and learn new things.  He's a very big-running pup with a huge motor who loves to hunt.  He has had ample opportunities in his first season to hunt pheasant, Huns and lots of ducks.  He's proving to be a really talented and fun dog. Duck has a really nice coat, great temperament and a huge personality.  He is FF for furnishings.  He has a ton of presence.  Duck will run his Utility this summer (2024) and will undergo health testing in the winter of 2024.  Duck will enter the showring this spring for the first time.  We are hoping for great things from this little pocket rocket!

The Boys

The Girls

"Kimber" - WyoWires Ima Hot Mess NA1

Kimber is a big, lanky, hard running, driven girl with a stylish point and a great nose who excels in the Chukar hills.  Kimber ran her NA test at 13 months and earned a Prize 1-110.  She will run her UT in the summer of 2024.  Kimber's heath testing was started this past summer and she is OFA hips good, elbows normal and thyroid normal. We will have cardiac certification and eye certification done this spring so that she has her CHIC number soon.  Kimber will have her first litter in the spring of 2024. 

"Grover" - AKC GCH CH/UKC CH UDK Hershey's Chocolate Delight CD, RE, CGC, V, NA112

Grover is an 8-year-old male who was our first AKC show dog.  He earned his AKC champion title at just over 1 year, ran his NAVHDA natural ability test achieving a Prize 1 with a maximum score of 112 and then went on to earn his AKC Grand Champion title with 5 majors at two shows before he was 2. Grover went on to earn his Rally Advanced Excellent title, CGC, CGCA and his GWPCA Versatility title.  Grover also earned his UKC CH title in just one weekend and earned his obedience CD title with only 3 runs. Grover has qualified 5 times to attend the AKC Rally National Championship.  Grover is also a certified Therapy Dog.  When it comes to tough hunting country and multiple species of upland birds, Grover is our Go-To dog.  He's got a can-do and won't-quit attitude in the field and enjoys hunting the rough stuff!  He has an excellent wash and wear coat and a spectacular, willing temperament. He is CERF clear, OFA hips Good, OFA thyroid normal, OFA elbows normal and OFA Advanced Cardiac clear and has completed his CHIC testing. Grover is available for breeding to outside females by live cover or chilled semen and has been producing puppies with his great, willing attitude and temperament as well as terrific coats and tons of drive.

"Roxie" - WyoWires Foxie Roxie CGC RN NA1 UT1

Roxie is a rockstar!  Our Go-To girl, she's now retired after earning two NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeder's Award and a NAVHDA Invitational Breeder's Award.  She has produced multiple UT prize 1 Invitational qualifying offspring.  She retired from breeding and now enjoys playing run-and-gun games such as WAGS (Wyoming All-Around Gundog Series) competitions and other bird dog champion games.  In her youth, Roxie was a prize 1 NA pup with a 112 earned, followed by a UT prize 1 and a bid to the 2019 NAVHDA Invitational.  

"Ed" - WyoWires Ed NA1 UTII

Ed is a hard running, driven girl with a stylish point and a great nose packed into a rather compact package.  She's got a ton of personality and has proven at a young age to be a lot of fun to hunt with.  Ed ran her NA test at 10 months and earned a Prize 1-112.  She followed this up the following summer with a UT Prize 2. She will re-run her UT in the summer of 2024 in hopes of qualifying her for the Invitational.  Ed's health testing will be done during the summer after she runs her UT test.  

"Tuffy" - WyoWires Hardwired Tuff Enuff NA1 

Tuffy is a driven little girl with a nice point, great nose and a big motor!  Tuffy packed a lot of hunting into her first season and has proven to be a really great pup to hunt with and has a ton of water drive.  She's a tough little girl, spending a lot of the coldest days of our winter so far hunting ducks in the late season.  packed into a rather compact package.  She's has tons of personality and a willingness to learn.  Tuffy ran her NA test at 8 months and earned a Prize 1.  Tuffy has a dense, harsh coat and will be an asset to our breeding program down the line.  She will run her Utility test in the spring of 2025.

"Ember" - VC WyoWires' Some Like It Hot CGC NA1 UT1

Ember is a personable, biddable, athletic, sweet, talented liver roan daughter of Roxie and Kai (Mueller's Black Star Trials & Tribulations UTII) who is really coming into her own in a big way.  Everyone who meets Ember immediately sees a goofy, but loveable and talented girl.  She ran her NA test at just over 6 months of age earning a Prize 1-112.  The following spring, she ran her NAVHDA Utility test at 18 months and earned a Prize 1 with a maximum score of 204, earning herself a spot in the 2022 NAVHDA Invitational in New Mexico. During this same time period, Ember started working towards her Master Hunter (MH) title and earned her first leg in June of 2020.  She has also earned her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title.  Ember has a medium dense, medium harsh coat and a nose that never stops. She is a tenacious natural retriever, has a ton of drive and loves the water.  Ember ran at the 2022 NAVHDA Invitational in New Mexico and, following in her big sisters footsteps, passed the Invitational and became our second Versatile Champion.  

"Groot" - WyoWires I Am Groot

Groot is a spring of 2023 puppy who we are just starting to work with.  He's a very big pup with a really nice coat and furnishings.  He is FF for furnishings.  He's a big love and has really taken to duck hunting.  He's a very hardy pup and will hunt in any conditions.  Groot will run his NA test in May of 2024 and will enter the showring for the first time this spring.

"Dixie" - CH WyoWires Dirt Rhoades Anthem NA1 UTIII

Dixie is a sweet, driven girl!  Dixie ran her NA test at 12 months and earned a Prize 1-112.  She ran her UT in 2022 and earned a UT Prize III.  She has spent the last three bird seasons in the field and has a great nose, strong point and spectacular water drive.  In limited showing, Dixie was able to earn her AKC Champion title with multiple Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex placings. Dixie's heath testing was done and she is OFA hips Excellent, elbows normal, thyroid normal and eyes clear. We will have cardiac certification done this spring so that she will have her CHIC number soon.  Dixie was bred to Kai (Mueller's Black Star Trials & Tribulations) in the winter of 2022 and produced a beautiful litter with one puppy running NA at 4 months and earning a Prize 1 and several others that will be running NA tests this spring and summer. 

The ultimate gun dog for the discriminating hunter.

​​WyoWires German Wirehaired Pointers

"Remi" - VC WyoWires' Too Hot To Handle CD CGC CGCA MH RE NA1 UT1

Remi is an incredibly athletic, sweet, talented black roan daughter of Roxie's who has really made a huge impact on everyone who has met her.  She ran her NA test at 6 months earning a Prize 1-112.  The following spring, she ran her NAVHDA Utility test at 17 months and earned a Prize 1, earning herself a spot in the 2020 NAVHDA Invitational. During this same time period, Remi easily earned her AKC Beginner Novice Obedience title, Rally Novice title, Rally Advanced title, CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and CGCA (Canine Good Citizen Advanced) titles.  Remi has since gone on to earn her obedience CD, Rally Excellent and Master Hunter titles.  Remi possesses an excellent, coarse coat and a nose that is on target at all times. She is a natural retriever, has a ton of drive and is a water-loving fool!  She is the product of Roxie's 2017 NAVHDA Breeder's Award litter by Kai (Mueller's Black Star Trials & Tribulations UTII).  Due to COVID-19 and the postponement of the 2020 NAVHDA Invitational, Remi ran at the 2021 Invitational in Iowa and became our first home-bred, home-trained NAVHDA Versatile Champion. 

"Sheri" - CH UDK Hershey's Cookies N Cream, CGC, RN, JH, V

Sheri is the clown of WyoWires. She's an extremely sweet, biddable girl with an excellent, coarse, wash and wear coat. Sheri is a classy pointer in the field and a joy to have in the house. She got her start in AKC shows as a 9 month old pup and was shown very minimally, earning her first 5-point major at her very first show, the Rocky Mountain Cluster.  We brought her back out in 2014 as a 2 year old and finished her AKC Champion title in 2015.  We are looking forward to great things from Sheri as she matures and enhances our breeding program. Sheri earned her first two legs of the AKC Junior Hunter title at the 2015 Nationals and passed her water test at the same time.  She has now completed her JH title and earned her CGC title, as well as becoming out newest GWPCA Versatility Title earner.  Recently, Sheri became a certified Therapy Dog as well and is working towards her AKC THDN title.  Sheri is CERF clear, OFA Hips Good and OFA thyroid normal.  Sheri has produced 3 great litters for us and is now retired from showing and breeding and is doing a great job of holding down the bed in front of the fire!